News February 2015

Posted by Penelope on Thu February 12, 2015.

Such a busy time of the year for us! The guesthouse is just about fully booked and the village is bustling with students and guests.

We have recently been to Leopard's Leap near Franschhoek for lunch. Highly recommended. They do a buffet type lunch with wonderful salads and vegetables as well as a choice of 3 or 4 meats. And a bottle of wine costs as little as R40.00!

The garden is blooming, though the roses are finding the heat a bit much. We have harvested so many tomatoes and passion fruit! The cucumbers are delicious, real old fashioned farm cucumbers. The tomato seeds which Alex sent from Bulgaria are growing like mad, with big round fruit (green still).  The March lilies are flowering! First time ever, even though they are a bit early.